Why Outsource Sales?

B2B Sales call center

  • BENEFITS – Qualified Leads and Appointments | Cost effective | Speed of Setup | Meet and approve the agent before the project

  • SKILLED AGENTS – High Sales skills | College Degree | Fluent in German (C2) and English (C2)

  • MULTI-CHANNEL APPROACH – Telephone (Outbound & Inbound) | E-mail | Online lead generation | Live chat | Lead Investigator

We are

Specialized in German (DACH) and English speaking markets

Fill your sales pipeline! We will create a project designed for your sales needs:

    Get highly qualified B2B leads with telephone and e-mail communication. Predictable revenue for your company!


    Human interaction + software tools = Highly qualified leads | We do GA campaigns, landing pages, lead investigator software, live chat.


Skilled agents

Daily improvement of our agents in multiple areas of communication and sales skills. Meet and approve your agent before the start of the project!

    All our agents have earned a college degree, and lived in German and English speaking countries.


    Agents are constantly attending in-house sales educations (individual and group) that are also available for our clients.


All multi-channel sales activities can adapt to the specific needs of the client

Inbound calls

Sales agent is there to handle every incoming call from your potential clients.

Outbound B2B telemarketing

The sales agent sets highly qualified appointments with the decision makers. He generates leads for your sales team.

Follow up E-mail

Our sales agent sends a customized follow up e-mail after the first call. Also, he is in a constant communication with your potential clients.

Follow up calls

After the outbound call / e-mail, sales agent makes follow up calls in a specific time required by the potential client.

Data mining

In addition to the primary goal of our project, you also get useful data mining – recieved information from your potential clients which you can use for targeting leads - useful for planning and developing your sales strategy.

Live chat

When a potential client is on your website, our agent interacts with him through live chat software to qualify the sales lead.

Lead investigator

The Sales agent uses the software to identify companies that were on your website but haven't contacted you, in order to qualify them through other channels (telephone | e-mail).

Online Lead Generation

We can drive traffic to your website by implementing various online campaigns -> Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, Landing pages. It’s a great addition to the sales agent’s services.

Anything you want

All the services and activities from B2B telemarketing to B2B online lead generation can be combined to create a perfectly customized project for your company.


For the exact quotes talk to Anamarija!

Basic Sales Agent

€25 per hour
  • Project management
  • Detailed project reports
  • Local phone number
  • Inbound calls
  • Outbound - B2B Telemarketing
  • Dynamic communication script
  • Follow up E-mails
4h | 8h Per Day

Premium Sales Agent

€28 per hour
  • Project management
  • Detailed project reports
  • Local phone number
  • Inbound calls
  • Outbound - B2B Telemarketing
  • Dynamic communication script
  • Follow up E-mails
  • Follow up calls
  • Data mining
4h | 8h Per Day

Online Services

Custom pricing
  • Live chat
  • Lead investigator software
  • Google Ads campaigns
  • Linkedin Ads campaigns
  • Landing pages

Why Outsource B2B is not a typical call center?


    When you choose your agent package, you meet your agent assigned to your project and personally approve him. We want you to feel like he is your employee, even though he is working at our office.


    The Outsource B2B agent is not a call center robot that reads from a script, he thinks independently, adapts to sales situations and does everything like your own employee would.


    You will always know about the progress of the project – also, you can talk to your agent at any time over the phone, e-mail or make an online meeting (video call) with him.


    Outsource B2B is not just a call center with telemarketing services. Not only are we using telephone and e-mail interaction, we can combine those services with online lead generation to boost the number of qualified leads.

To conclude, it's different because you get your own COMPLETE B2B sales support!


Where is the call center located?

It’s located in Zagreb, Croatia (EU).

Do you have a minimum engagement?

Our sales outsourcing services start with a minimum of 2 months project.

How do we pay for your sales agent services?

Our sales outsourcing services are prepaid. Depending on the project, we can make adjustments. We have simplified billing, our clients pay their agent per hour. No hidden charges, no extra call center service fees. You will always know how many calls, contacts and working hours will be processed.

How do I know which sales agent's package is adequate for my project?

Depending on services required for your project, we will recommend a suitable sales agent package. Every client is different.

Ok, but how do we get started?

  1. Contact us and we’ll listen to your needs.
  2. Together, we’ll choose an adequate Sales Agent package and set a start date for the project.
  3. We will make a detailed project proposal you’ll confirm.
  4. Before the start of the project, Outsource B2B will have a 2 weeks preparation process for your project – including learning about your products, services and the company policies you’ll provide. Also, you will meet and approve the agent before the project starts.
  5. Start the project!
  6. We will communicate on a daily, weekly and monthly basis about our progress.

B2B sales call center!

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